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Collection of bespoke chairs designed by Spanish artist Maximo Riera, the seven intricately molded pieces of furniture range from $59,000  to $109500.  The Chairs are made of high-density polyurethane, weighing approximately 353 lbs.  Each piece is made to order and takes up to 11 weeks to produce.  More than 30 professionals from five different companies have been involved in the process. complete collection on his website

  • The Rhino Chair (Taming of the Fury)
  • The Octopus Chair (Emerging from the Depths)
  • The Beetle Chair (Native Shield)

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1. Read everyday. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency, Consistency.
2. Take notes on what you read. You can get a little notebook and write down the most important quotes, that way you always remember it. Our short term memory is not very good with holding information if we only read it once.
3. Read about everything. Broaden your mind. Science, math, history, english literature, languages etc. ex-Don’t just stick to reading about romance novels or YA. Read about healthcare, companies, computers, philosophers. (The library has everything, go use it!)
4. Write. Get a notebook and write about what you have learned, how you feel about it, what you think about it, what you like and don’t like about it etc.
5. Just don’t give a fuck about people’s opinions. They don’t matter. In school we try so hard to impress people who don’t even care about us, its stupid to worry about them.
6. Be alone. Being alone doesn’t mean you are going to be lonely. You have your books, and your videos, and music and coffee, and knowledge. Books are the most constant of friends.

 The Types of People You Will Fall in Love With In Your 20s by Ryan O’Connell   (via tilthe)

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I just really want to thank my best friend for posting this, because I have been having the most up and down week. For obvious reasons, as well as those unknown. And I like to think she found it because I can’t sleep at 7am, because I’m too stressed to see what my dreams would be if I slept for too long.

Thanks Kelsie

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You will fall in love with someone who annoys you, whose orgasm face looks and feels pathetic. Despite all of this, there’s something keeping you drawn to them, something that makes you want to protect them from the harsh world. What you fail to realize, however, is that you are the harsh world. You aren’t their noble protector — you are someone to be protected from but it takes a lot of dates, a lot of nights where you question whether or not you are actually a good person, for this to ever resonate with you. When it’s over and whatever love is left is put back in the fridge like a sad plate of leftovers, you will finally understand that you have the power to hurt someone. You can either hurt them or love them and it’s up to you to decide what kind of role you would like to take on in future relationships. What feels more comfortable — being the one who loves more or being the one who’s loved less?

You will fall in love with someone who’s cold and always seemingly pushing you away. When all is said and done, they will be forever known as the one person you couldn’t get to love you. Unfortunately, it will hurt and sting worse than the good ones, the ones that chopped up your meat for you and picked out an eyelash from your eye and were nice to your mother, because love often feels like a game we need to win. And when we lose, when we realize we couldn’t get what we ultimately desired from a person, it makes us feel like a failure and erases all the memories of those who loved us in the past. It’s a permanent smudge on your love resume.

You will fall in love with someone for one night and one night only. They’ll come to you when you need them and be gone in the morning when you don’t. At first, this will make you feel empty and you’ll try to convince yourself that you could’ve loved this person for longer than a night, but you can’t. Some people are just meant to make cameo appearances, some are destined to be a pithy footnote. That’s okay though. Not every person we love has to stick around. Sometimes it’s better to leave while you’re still ahead. Sometimes it’s better to leave before you get unloved.

You will fall in love with the old couple down the street because to you they represent the impossible: a stable, long-lasting love. You’re trying to get someone to like you for more than ten minutes. A monogamous “never get sick of ya” love seems unfathomable. “What’s your secret, sir? Do you just say yes a lot?”

You will fall in love with smells, the good and the bad kind. You will want to wear your lovers shirt because it makes you feel close to them and you’re okay with being that PSYCHO who is legitimately sniffing their shirt in public. You will fall in love with sweat, certain perfumes, the smell of the season in which you fell in love. This particular love smells like fall. It smells like Halloween and a roaring fire and leaves and fog and mist and candy and food and family and whiskey and sex and the lint that collects on sweaters. When it ends, if it ends, you will never experience another fall without thinking of him, her, it. The memories will stick to the ground like a mound of leaves and will only dissipate when the weather drops.

You will fall in love with your friends. Deep, passionate love. You will create a second family with them, a kind of tribe that makes you feel less vulnerable. Sometimes our families can’t love us all the time. Sometimes we’re born into families who don’t know how to love us properly. They do as much as they can but the rest is up to our friends. They can love you all the time, without judgement. At least the good ones can.

This is where I’m supposed to tell you that you will fall in love with The One, a person who isn’t too cold or too nice. Their “O” face is perfectly fine and they’re not afraid to show how much they love you. This person is supposed to wait for us at the end of the twentysomething road as some kind of reward for all the heartache and loneliness. We deserve them. We’ve earned this kind of love.

So fine. You’re going to fall in love with The One. You’re going to fall in love with someone who will make sense beyond college or a job or a particular season. They’ll make sense forever and won’t ever want to leave you behind. I’m telling you this not because it’s true but because it NEEDS to be true. Everyone is entitled to this kind of love, so why not? Have it. It’s yours. Blow out the candles on your 30th birthday, holding their hand, and let out an exhale that’s been waiting for ten years. Do it. Now


I want another tattoo. Like right meow.

I want to get a random one that requires little thought tbh. But one that I’ll like. And somewhere easily concealable.

jadedomen what’s your opinion? If you’re awake.
But I don’t think you are.

Yes of course I am awake it’s 1:16 pm and I just got out of class.
I recommend getting nothing stupid and your thigh or ass is totally acceptable. Or under boob area.
I say fuck it and get a quote if you want.
But if you come back with a shitty quality or home made tattoo I’m slaughtering you

Kate C.

She saw beauty within his insanity

1956- Gordon Parks documented the everyday lives of an extended black family living in rural Alabama under Jim Crow segregation for Life magazine’s photo-essay “The Restraints: Open and Hidden.” (via)

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Reacting to Blue Ivy

Lorde looks like an alien who is desperately trying to replicate human emotion so her cover isn’t blown.


dead and gone right now at that comment.

Lmaooo stahp

reblogging for the comment

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Kate C.

They felt each others sadness, and they understood.
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